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13 Reasons Why T-Shirts

Why the TV series ’13 reasons Why’ has stuck a cord with us?

You know, there are some shows that do entertain you but they would not stay with you forever as a lesson and as a sweet-sour memory. 13 Reasons why is one of those beautiful shows that stay with you forever. The 13 episode series is based on a novel by Jay Asher by the same name. If you love the TV series like we do, then you will love the collection of t-shirts on the swag shirts online store. Available in custom colors and sizes, this is a must have in your wardrobe.

The story is about a high school teenage girl Hannah Baker who commits suicide leaving behind her seven tapes listing her reasons why she did what she did. The story is from the point of view of Clay Jensen who discovers the tapes one day at his door step. As he progresses listening to the tapes he confronts the plight of the dead girl and all he is left at the end is cursing his own self in repentance. Check out the amazing collection of ’13 Reasons Why’ t-shirts on the official online store of Swag Shirts and wear your collection in style!

The series stars Katherine Langford as Hannah Baker who’s played the role exceptionally well. Her emotions and their rendition make the show hard to watch for she’s so genuine and at the same time so subtle and loveable. When you see Hannah in flash backs all you cry about is that you know she’s already dead and you can’t bring her back to life. Dylan Minette who plays Clay Jensen has also nailed his part. His character has many layers that he has successfully portrayed in the show. After the perfect cast & perfect story, all you need is the perfect t-shirt to add in your wardrobe..and where better to find it than Swag Shirts online store. Now shipping all over the world, we are customizing everything in your favorite colors, prints & styles.

We love that the show is super honest. It’s honest to a level that you may find yourself to be a reason for Hannah’s death. But you would still watch the show because it has an awesome, intriguing, appealing story line. It is very well shot and presented. And watch it because there’s nothing that is sugar coated in the show. All that is shown is stark reality. At the end of the show all you are left with is a sort of satisfaction. You’ll definitely become a beautiful human being, believe me. While the series has been criticized for its bold portrayal of rape and bullying and also for glorifying suicide, we have thoroughly enjoyed watching every bit of it! And we know you have too, so get shopping on Swag Shirts for your favorite print of t-shirt before we go out of stock!