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Beyblade T-Shirts

Why Beyblade has a place in our hearts and lives

Remember coming back after a tiring game and switching on TV and being glued to the TV sets till Beyblade was over? If this is something that you can relate to know, then you have and an amazing childhood filled with beautiful memories of the most powerful bladers battling against their competitors for the biggest competition of their lives! If you love this TV series and its characters, then these t-shirts are a must have in your collection. Buy them from the Swag Shirts store online and have fun watching the TV series or just playing with your Beyblades! 


What started as a young boy named Tyson (Takao Kinomiya) entering the tournament went on to become a TV series that we love and adore over the years. In the journey, Tyson encounters Ray Kon (Rei Kon) and Kai Hiwatari. After defeating them in an initial battle, he joins them to make a team known as the Bladebreakers, along with Max Tate (Max Mizuhara). The character we adore is Kai Hiwatari. Well determined and a mysterious person, he is the best blades in the TV Series and sacrifices everything for what he really wants. With an ability to crush everything that comes his way, he always has the game in his hand. For the fans of Kai and the TV series, Swag Shirts has an exclusive online collection on their online store. Check out their products while you cheer for your favourite blader/ team to win!


Kyouya Tategami, Max Tate, Tala Valkov, Tyson Granger, Brooklyn, Tsubasa, Ryuga, Daichi Sumeragi, Ginga Hagane, Kenny, Madoka Amano, Hilary Tachibana, Zeo Zagart are our favorite Beyblade characters in the show. And loving the beyblades so much, wouldn’t you like to see a conflict between Black Dranzer and Dragoon to know who the most powerful one is! Did you also know, that the power of Beyblades and their Bit-beasts depends on the Spirit of the bladers. While you go and fight those bet blades out in the open, wear some merchandise of your favourite characters on in the field from Swag Shirts online store. 


And we love how Rei has proven often to be on par with Tyson, having beaten him once without his bit-beast, which we think is the most loyal of all. Ray has the most epic battles in the entire series and his Driger takes him to victory through almost every match he’s in. His speed and attacks truly make Ray one of the tops. A very calm blader, if he is the one you love, then this is a t-shirt you must have in your wardrobe.