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Boxing T-Shirts

Why boxing is the most entertaining thing to watch, even today!

At its core boxing is about one man hurting another, but fans like you and me have been lured into the sport since we can remember starting to watch TV. What has given us hope till date has been seeing a fighter overcome the pain of the punch & kick & all the adversity, and even then go on to triumph. If you are a fan of the sport like we are, then this collection of t-shirts from the Swag Shirts online store will excite you!

When it comes to sports fans, boxing spectators are among the most vociferous and voracious. Part of that are the pitched battles and high stakes in the ring. There’s more on the line than in any other contest. A sport where men have lost their lives. The fear witnessing a tragedy provides a morbid fascination that many wouldn’t want to admit. These men, in distilled, compact, intensely concentrated dosages, face down adversity and strive to triumph. We look for the best of ourselves reflected in the fighters we follow. Check out this amazing print with the legendary boxer of all time. Don’t you think this will look amazing in your collection of t-shirts in your wardrobe. We think it will fit right in with your attitude!

Prizefighting is a sport where there are no barriers between the fan and the athlete. There is no helmet to hide their face. No pads to obscure their figure. No closed huddles or secret hand signals. No bandages for an injury. The playing area isn’t a hundred yards long or a field of ice. It’s just a couple dozen feet. The ring is confining. It captures us. The ring is intimate. It invites us. The ring is wired. Speak and we hear it. The ring contains the action. It frames the action. The cameras don’t capture 10 men, or dozens scurrying around. Just two, in close up. And of those two, we have more access over the course of 36 minutes of action than we do for other athletes over the course of an entire season.We see their eyes. We see them think. We see them fight. We see them bleed. If you think your favourite boxer has the skills & talent to win in the ring, then cheer for him in this great boxing t-shirt showing respect for Boxing. Customise it in any colour of your choice, even get your name printed on the back of the t-shirt and make it an exclusive one in your wardrobe. This one is going to win your heart. Available on the Swag Shirts online store in India, we are shipping to boxing fans all over the world.

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