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Corona Virus T-Shirts

Quarantining In COVID? Must-Have Swag Shirt T-Shirts In Your Wardrobe

2020 seems to be going in a blue for all of us, and with being home and working all day, COVID is becoming more of a hassle than a break from the normal. This pandemic has harmed not just India, but countries all across the globe with the speed of its spread and our inability to treat the symptoms. Governments all across have imposed curfews to ensure their citizens remain safe & sound. Social distancing has become the new normal in our society and keeping your personal space has become essential for all. To remind this to everyone around you, Swag Shirts has introduced a new print, full of swag, which will work not only in quarantine but for introverts as well. The print comes in a bold red color, to warn people to stay away while giving a message. What are you waiting for, buy this print & get hooked onto it while you are keeping your own space!

The COVID spread has been going on for over 6 months now, and like us, you would have also had friends whose birthdays have come and gone during this time. And when you cant celebrate a birthday in style, you celebrate it in quarantine by making it stylish. Send over a surprise to your BFF and remind them that while they might be down and low about a birthday during the lockdown, you can always cheer them up with an amazing t-shirt reminding them that they are still the center of attraction for your day, even remotely. This t-shirt from the Swag Shirts online store can be customized for men/ women in any color you would like. And even better, we can customize the print too. All you have to do is share what you need to be printed, and leave the rest to us. We will surprise you and your friend in the best way possible. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and order one for you or your friends, maybe even to surprise them that you remembered their big day in spite of the lockdown. Here is the perfect t-shirt for you to order from the Swag Shirts online store…

Through & through, COVID has taught us that keeping a safe distance from people is the right way to go about. Taking care of our health is of utmost importance and nothing else can keep us better other than self-love and care. So while you do that in the comfort of your home, make sure that greet everyone you meet with a Namaste & take a chill from the day to day activities that you do. Netflix & chill just changed to Namaste & Chill, here at Swag Shirts, and this is the motto that all of you should be adopting as well. If you are on board with us, this is a super cool t-shirt to have and wear this lockdown season. Spread loves and happiness around, and buy chill t-shirts from your favorite Swag Shirts online store in India.