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Dr Strange Multiverse Of Madness T-Shirts And Merchandise

Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness & the mindblowing possibilities

One of the low-key underrated announcements during Marvel Studios’ instantly-legendary Hall H panel Saturday evening at Comic-Con International: San Diego wasn’t just that director Scott Derrickson was returning to direct Benedict Cumberbatch in a Doctor Strange sequel. It also wasn’t that Elizabeth (‘Lizzy’ per Kevin Feige) Olson was going to continue Scarlet Witch’s MCU story in the sequel or that her and Paul Bettany’s WandaVision Disney+ show will tie-in and lead directly into it. With this new twist in the story of Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are exciting times ahead for all the fans like you and me. And we at Swag Shirts have what all the fans need..amazing merchandise of all the characters in the Doctor Strange series. What are you waiting for, get to Swag Shirts & start picking your choices.

And The Multiverse of Madness has that same potential, with a … wait for it … mad twist.

Marvel is savvy enough not to just roll Doctor Strange into its prime release date with one other major co-star. And a ‘multiverse of madness’ clearly lays the groundwork for not only multiple MCU stars, but potentially all MCU stars.

Multiverses and alternate timelines and dimensions are one, if not the, most popular tropes in Marvel and DC comic books. The multiverse is more of less the foundation of DC, serving as the lynchpin of most of their major events. The Marvel Comics multiverse also powers many of their most popular storylines of the last few decades besides Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Secret Wars, the Spider-Verse events, the Marvel 2099 line, Marvel Zombies (the latter three of which are all returning to Marvel Comics in some form) all swim in those same conceptual waters. You can join their universe too, with the merchandise that you purchase from Swag Shirts online store. With customizable colors, necklines & sizes, you can even get your name printed on any Marvel Cinematic Universe t-shirt from the Swag Shirt’s online store.

The characters in MCU are the epitome of what Stan Lee called the illusion of change – alterations (in this case instant) to favorite characters and storylines playing on the curiosity of fans. Marvel Studios now has the chance to bring that trope that the Arrowverse (see: Routh, Brandon; Superman, Kingdom Come  ) is finding success with on television to the big screen for the first time. As we just can’t wait to experience them. You can wait for them with Swag Shirts merchandise & show everyone what a big fan you are!

With two years worth of movies laid out now along with Blade and another handful of sequels beyond 2021 undated but known, the MCU is years away from either a revival or new iteration of the Avengers and/or an event that could pull the remaining MCU stars all together again. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may well be Marvel Studios’ way of having their cake and eating it too while they establish a unifying backstory to an Avengers-type franchise in four or five years. So what are you waiting for? Go shopping on the Swag Shirts online store, and get your t-shirt delivered anywhere in the world.