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Why Loki is Still the MCU’s Best Villain

The Marvel Comic universe has us at the edge of the seats always. Whether it is the fight between 2 villains, or the coming together of 2 universes..we are excited as the first day to see everything. We have another controversial topic to discuss with you guys you think Thanos was undeniably the MCU’s overall Big Bad up through Endgame? And is Loki actually the better villain? Before we take sides and start discussing, there is exciting news from Swag Shirts…we have printed official Marvel Cinematic universe t-shirts for you guys! So the next time you are watching something from the MCU, or finishing the fight on Loki vs Thanos, you could support the super hero of your choice by wearing these Swag Shirt t-shirts!

The MCU is a once in a lifetime pop culture juggernaut. The movies captured the imaginations of viewers like nothing else has in years. The powerful heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe struck a chord with the public, carrying the movies and giving film new iconic characters. Between all this, Thanos and Loki are vying for the prize of the MCU’s best villain. Tom Hiddleston Redefined The Character puts Loki in a bit of an advantage. Thor and the other Norse gods have proven very hard to adapt for the MCU. They don’t fit tonally with the more light hearted nature of the movies and there have been some growing pains. In this context, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki has been perfectly portrayed. The first Thor film captured a Loki that was closer to the comics but it was his subsequent appearances that really cemented the character’s greatness.Tom captures the mischievousness of the character, playing up the chaotic yet charming nature of the trickster god. His portrayal of Loki would change how everyone saw the character and redefined Loki even in the comics. Hiddlston’s Loki is one of the best versions ever and for good reason. If you are a fan of Loki like we are, here is an amazing print for you to have in your wardrobe. Customizable in any color, print, size & style, Swag Shirts is here to make sure that this t-shirt is yours and yours only!

Loki has always been doing his own dirty work throughout his tenure. It’s just one of the factors in how great a villain he can be. Loki’s magic has always made him one of the most powerful villains and magic users around. His actions have always proved that he was more than capable of bedeviling his foes without any help, using his powers to even get a victory over his foes for a time as ruler of Asgard. Also, Loki fights smarter, not harder. If you are a fan of smart work over hard work, then Loki has become your favourite character already..not just the favourite character, but also the favourite villain. Now that we know how much you love him, here is another amazing print for you to look at while you fight with your friends who support Thanos! Personalize the t-shirt in any way you want, and make this Swag Shirts t-shirt your own. What are you waiting for, grab it before it runs out of stock! Happy shopping, MCU fans.