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Marvel Blade Merchandise And T-Shirts

The new Blade movie will be starring Mahershala Ali, and we want to see what The Vampire Hunter has for us

With the phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe already planned, fans like you and us are already awaiting for the next phase to come out. And Marvel Studios is not far behind from our thinking. Over the last eleven years, the MCU was building to the showdown between the Avengers and Thanos. Marvel did this through their Phase structure; Phase 1 ran from 2008 to 2012 and ending with The Avengers; Phase 2 ran from 2013 to 2015 and ended with Ant-Man; and Phase 3 ran from 2016 to 2019 and ended with Spider-Man: Far From Home. But, it was Avengers: Endgame – now the highest-grossing film of all-time – that wrapped up the Avengers/Thanos storyline. And we have enjoyed everything that they have given us in every movie. And this time, Swag Shirts is also keeping up with the Marvel Universe by having their whole collection on our online store. From Thanos to Thor, from Spider-Man to Ant-Man, no matter which character you love, we have any print that you could possibly ask for on Swag Shirts online store.

The surprise announcement of Mahershala Ali being cast as Blade in the MCU also came with the reveal that a Blade movie is on the way. Feige has already confirmed that the film will be part of Phase 5, so it is not one that Marvel is likely to take their time with. Ali and Feige agreed on this partnership earlier this year after Ali won his second consecutive Best Supporting Actor Oscar. He is the one who pitched Feige on him being Blade, and the Marvel Studios president agreed that it was a great fit. Marvel presenting Ali as the final shocking reveal on a night full of them highlights just how big of a priority Blade will be. We are sure that you can’t possibly wait for M Ali to show us his amazing acting skills in the movie, no matter how far it is. And when you do, wear a Blade t-shirt form our Swag Shirts online collection. Shipping all across the country & the world, we ensure to cater to fans in all locations.

As of right now, Blade is still in the earlier stages of development. There is not yet any word of a script being written, but Marvel could be cracking the story internally before hiring a writer officially. There has also been no sign that Marvel is actively searching for a director at this time either. That shouldn’t be too big of a concern, as Blade won’t hit theaters until 2022 at the earliest, so production wouldn’t need to begin until 2021. This gives Marvel roughly a year before they’ll be up against the clock to find Blade’s director if it’s going to kick off Phase 5 as we believe. But until then, you should start creating the hype & buzz about Blade, and get collecting on your favorite prints from Swag Shirts online store. People will surely turn their heads when they see how far ahead of time you are! So get shopping, and redo your wardrobe now.