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Marvel Shang Chi T-Shirts And Merchandise

Decoding Shang Chi, the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

When the kung fu craze came to America in the 1970s, Marvel Comics wanted in on the action. First, the company tried to license the Kung Fu TV series, but Warner, which owned DC at the time, turned them down. Marvel was more successful in its acquisition of the rights to the notorious pulp villain Fu Manchu, and in 1973, Steve Englehart and Jim Starlin created Shang-Chi as a way to establish Fu Manchu as a villain in the Marvel Universe. Shang would be a heroic young hero standing against his criminal father. And from the looks of it, Marvel Cinematic Universe is here to claim the Kung Fu craze & make it stay for longer! Swag Shirts will add into their journey & carry forward the Shang Chi craze on their merchandise with Shang Chi t-shirt prints.

In his childhood, which was spent learning martial arts, Shang thought his father was a humanitarian. But in an encounter with Manchu’s nemesis, Sir Denis Nayland Smith, he learned the truth. Throughout the ’70s and ’80s, Shang-Chi thwarted his father’s schemes and fought his siblings in The Hands of Shang-Chi: Master of Kung Fu. After reuniting with Sir Denis, he went on several globetrotting adventures as an MI6 agent and later helped found his own spy agency, Freelance Restorations, Ltd. With the help of Freelance agents, Shang finally saw Fu Manchu die, after which he retired and decided to live a simple life. So when you go and learn martial arts, make sure you are wearing this amazing t-shirt from the Swag Shirts online store, exclusively merchandising for Shang Chi & delivering all across the world!

This didn’t last long. Over the years, Shang-Chi would become an MI6 agent again, fight his resurrected father, quit the spy game entirely, and join the new Heroes for Hire. Later, he’d become a member of the Secret Avengers and be tasked with preventing the Shadow Council from resurrecting his father, which resulted in the villain’s permanent death. During his time with the Avengers, Shang learned his father wasn’t actually Fu Manchu, but an ancient sorcerer named Zheng Zu who had taken the Manchu identity. (In other words, Marvel had lost the Fu Manchu rights.) And we are absolutely thrilled to see this one coming out from the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. We will be waiting with our super cool Shang Chi merchandise from the Swag Shirts online store. Oh, don’t worry if you don’t live in India, Swag Shirts is now delivering worldwide to make sure all the fans get their merchandise!

In recent years, Shang-Chi has worn many hats. He became a member of the main Avengers team just for the fun of it, had a fling with the X-Men character Domino, and at one point gained the power to create copies of himself after being exposed to cosmic radiation. Along with several other Asian heroes such as Ms. Marvel and Silk, he became a member of the hero team called the Protectors. Starting this summer, he’ll feature in a new, all-Asian team book, alongside Amadeus Cho, Silk, White Fox, Jimmy Woo, and a slew of other characters making their comics debut in Greg Pak and Nico Leon’s New Agents of Atlas, spinning out of War of the Realms. For all of these Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Swag Shirts has made exclusive merchandise for you to wear, when you root for your superhero! What are you waiting for, get shopping on the Swag Shirts online store already!