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Marvel Studios Black Widow T-Shirts

Black Widow(s) & the surprises it will follow in the next phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe

Let’s break the surprise now, there will be multiple Black Widows in Marvel’s upcoming phase..and we can’t wait for the movie to release. Keeping us on the edge of our seats, Scarlett Johanson & co-star Rachel Weisz will be playing the Black Widows in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And like you, we at Swag Shirts are super excited for the movie to come and we have already started printing the merchandise for you. Swag Shirts is making exclusive Black Widow t-shirts for you to stock up in your wardrobe.

While plot details surrounding the film are still unknown, it is rumored to take place sometime before The Avengers, functioning as an in-between prequel. Because, as fans know, Natasha met her demise in Avengers: Endgame in sacrifice for the powerful Soul Stone on the planet Vormir. Depending on how the film plays out, Yelena may step up to claim Natasha’s place with the Avengers. Luckily, she’ll already be her own Black Widow. But your love for the character can be shown with the t-shirts that you order from the Swag Shirts online store. Wear them in style and show off to your friends about your love for Scarlett Johannson & Rachel Weisz.

Black Widow’s decision to trade her life for the Soul Stone on Vormir, in order to allow Hawkeye to return to the bosom of his resurrected family, is on the other hand deeply unsatisfying. But a part of the joy of the MCU is the ability of characters to cross-pollinate – Thor joining the Guardians of the Galaxy at the denouement of Endgame is the perfect example. But the only version of Natasha Romanoff we are now going to see is one who can never again be part of the main Marvel timeline. She will be stuck in the past, hanging out with fellow Avengers for standalone adventures, rather than playing a central role in the main narrative. Where is the fun in that? But there is fun in knowing that Swag Shirts now delivers t-shirts throughout the country & the world because fans shouldn’t be allowed to not have their favorite merchandise. So get shopping for Black Widow t-shirts on the online store of Swag Shirts now!

Even if she hasn’t been restored to life, perhaps Natasha is languishing somewhere in the “soul world” pocket universe that sits within the soul stone in the comics, just waiting to be rescued by her fellow Avengers. The story of her rescue would make for a more intriguing Black Widow movie than an origins film for a character we’re never going to see again. So what are you waiting for, log onto the Swag Shirts online store, and customize any t-shirt that you want! Hurry up and get your wallets out now.