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Nucleya T-Shirt Online

Why Nucleya is a breath of freshness in music and why love his albums!

One of the most popular EDM artists of India, nucleya aka Udyan Sagar has taken the country by

a storm with his brilliant music, a mix of Electronic with an Indianness to it. If you have heard his recent tracks, we know for a fact that you love it, more than half the audience already does! And for you, Swag Shirts brings you an awesome collection of Nucleya merchandise on our online store, exclusively in India. So the next time you are listening to him, you can wear it along to show your love for his music & covers.

Desi Dubstep is a big hit in the country, thanks to the creation of Udyan and the amazing artists he works with. From Laung Gawacha to Aaaja to songs like Mumbai Dance, Chennai Bass & even Heer, his creations & brand has gone beyond him. The advance booking for album releases to artists getting tattoos of his name all over them, he music is certainly inspiring the world. If you feel the connect like we do, then Nucleus T-shirts available on the Swag Shirts store online are the right pick for you. From album covers on it, to his famous lines we have all the prints for you on our e-store!

At a recent launch of his latest album, the crowd welcomes him with his famous classic line, “F**k that sh*t! F**k that sh*t! F**k that sh*t!” with excessive enthusiasm.  Although there might’ve been no doubt about that a year ago, it’s ironic coming from a man who recently released his sophomore album at a highly ambitious launch with 15,000 fans. Jam-packed and practically overflowing, the NSCI stadium in Mumbai saw Udyan Sagar revel in the culmination of years of hard work and experimentation. if you love and support the artist like we do, then this t-shirt you must have in your wardrobe collection. With his album showcased in bold on your clothes, all your friends will love your collection from Swag Shirts.

Today, Nucleya plays mega gigs all over the world, performing at music festivals like Glastonbury and Edinburgh Fringe Festival while producing hit songs for Bollywood. Nucleya is an unstoppable phenomena, his time is now and you got to follow it!