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She Hulk T-Shirts

Why She-Hulk is the superhero we have all started to love!


Superheroes are a curious breed. From watching the endlessly-hypetastic Marvel movies, it’s clear that some of our childhood notions about these characters were totally wrong. They aren’t invincible, they do meet their match at times, and the most ordinary of snarky scientists can get under their skin and mess with them. And in spite of it all, we still love them! We at Swag Shirts know this and are making the most amazing merchandise just for you. Get online and start shopping, people.


After She-Hulk had joined the Avengers, she found herself trapped alongside Marvel heroes on Battleworld during 1985’s Secret Wars event. Those events resulted in the Thing leaving the Fantastic Four, which meant the FF were left without their resident powerhouse. Jen joined up with the team to take the Thing’s place and began a long relationship with the first family of comics. Not only was she a proper member of the FF, but she also worked alongside Scott Lang and the Future Foundation when the Fantastic Four were off-planet, making She-Hulk one of the FF’s most trusted allies. And if you feel like you have a little bit of the She hulk power inside you, then this amazing t-shirt from the Swag Shirts online store is what you will enjoy wearing. Customizable in any color & print, we at Swag Shirts ensure the best experience of buying & wearing a t-shirt for you!


Did you know, She hulk was married to J. Jonah Jameson’s son. She-Hulk has had a few interesting relationships over the years with other Marvel heroes, with a few standouts being Wyatt Wingfoot, Hercules, and Juggernaut, though that last one was potentially retconned away. However, for a brief moment, Jennifer Walters was married to John Jameson, son of the Daily Bugle’s J. Jonah Jameson. John Jameson was an accomplished astronaut and occasionally lycanthropic Man-Wolf, and the two eloped to Vegas during the Civil War event. Unfortunately, it was revealed that She-Hulk had been emotionally manipulated by Star-Fox, another ex-lover, and the wedding was annulled. We love the twists & turns that Marvel has for us in every narrative that they do! And just for this love, we have made amazing merchandise for you. Now you can buy the complete Marvel range t-shirts from our store, and not miss out on any character you love.


John Byrne brought the character to a new level of popularity with her second solo series, The Sensational She-Hulk. Byrne broke new ground with the character when she began breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to readers, long before Deadpool popularized the fourth wall break. She-Hulk was also acutely aware that she was a character in a comic book and frequently used that to her advantage to jump across comic pages. She once even threw John Byrne out a window to his death in his last issue of Sensational She-Hulk because she hoped to boost sales. She has definitely emerged out to be one of our favorites in the complete upcoming Marvel series, and we know you love her too! Here is another amazing print from the Swag Shirts online store that you will surely wear out a lot! So get around, showing off your love for the character in Swag Shirts merchandise!