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The Wire T-Shirts India

The Wire: Why it is the most accomplished TV series ever!

What started as a cop show about drug gangs in Baltimore, The Wire grew into an epic, shifting portrait of a city in the grip of poverty and crisis. The TV series is not the work of regular screen writers but an ex-journalist, an ex-detective and an elite team of novelists, making it the most nail biting thing to watch. Sounds nail-biting already, right?

The show depicts the lives of every part of the drug “food chain”, from junkies to dealers, and from cops to politicians. Dominic West (Det. James ‘Jimmy’ McNulty), Sonja Sohn (Det. Shakima ‘Kima’ Greggs), Seth Gilliam( Sgt. Ellis Carver), Domenick Lombardozzi (Det. Thomas ‘Herc’ Hauk), Clarke Peters (Det. Lester Freamon), Andre Royo (Reginald ‘Bubbles’ Cousins) and Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar Little) play important characters in the TV series. Don’t you just love Omar Littles’s quotes on the show, we love “Yo Omar coming” the most! For fans like us, Swag Shirts has an amazing collection of The Wire merchandise online.

The show centre’s around the city’s inner-city drug scene. It starts as mid-level drug dealer, D’Angelo Barksdale beats a murder rap. After a conversation with a judge, Det. James McNulty has been assigned to lead a joint homicide and narcotics team, in order to bring down drug kingpin Avon Barksdale.  Avon Barksdale in the show is accompanied by his right-hand man Stringer Bell, enforcer Wee-Bey and many lieutenants (including his own nephew, D’Angelo Barksdale). He has to deal with law enforcement, informants in his own camp, and competition with a local rival, Omar, who’s been robbing Barksdale’s dealers and reselling the drugs.

Well we don’t want to tell you everything as well, get hooked on the show already! To those watching The Wire for the first time, stick it out. The first two episodes could be pretty sketchy to watch. The awesomeness kicks around in episode three, and when it starts to pull together it’s really fantastic. You will remember quotes which would echo in your head “A life, Jimmy, you know what that is? It’s the shit that happens while you’re waiting for moments that never come.” And once you become a fan, get your merchandise online on the Swag Shirts store!