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It all started as a revolution when comic books were being started to build up into cartoons and movies, these superhero movies were followed by not just children but also adults. Which added up to the creation of genre of superhero movies. You can checkout superhero t-shirts exclusively Here —- Click here

The super hero movies were given a major dimension by two rival comic companies Marvel and DC which actually led to development of unique and hysterical superhero characters in the comic and movie industry. The characters like “Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Wolverine” and movie franchise like X-men, The Avengers, Thor, Thor -The Dark World, Thor Ragnarok (upcoming), Ironman 1, 2, 3 gave new heights and brought up the superhero scene to top notch level. Wear your heroes on t-shirts and hoodies with an amazing design collection exclusively at the Click Here

Thor Ragnarok, The upcoming blockbuster from the franchise of Thor and avengers is coming up on 3rdNovember. It has been one of the most awaited movie of the year after “Thor, The Avengers, Thor The Dark World” being super blockbusters with the story of a mythical god land known as “Asgard” where the beings have highly advanced mythical powers and are exposed to a different dimension of knowledge. As the franchise grew the contacts of “Asgard” and the other dimensions with earth grows along with Thor’s bonding with earth, In the movie Thor is the demigod of lightning banished from his land and powers due to his drastic and lethal actions by his father in order for him to learn the responsibility and love a king holds for the people weaker than him. This Lesson is given to Thor by the mighty hammer of Thor. Swag Shirts is shipping high quality Thor t-shirts all across India, for more visit

In Thor 2 and avengers is introduced the concept of energy stones that contain infinite power and the story is building up contracting the bond between the multiple existing dimensions and earth. In Thor The Dark World and The Avengers both earth is nearly destroyed by evil forces that want to gain the power of these stones in order to either rule or destroy the universe, The later story is to be carried in Thor Ragnarok .Wear the most awaited movie of the year “THOR RAGNAROK” on your hoodie or t-shirt which you can buy on  online or customize your own over Whatsapp.